Logo & Message Mats

These beautifully crafted, vibrant mats offer the best of high impact decor with unparalleled floor protection. Make a great and lasting impression with your logo or message on a custom-created mat.

Logo Mats

Ideal Placement

Service counters
Anywhere you want your logo to be seen

Features & Benefits

Enhance the image and appearance of your business
Manufactured using our state-of-the-art HD ChromoJET printer
High-quality dyes offer brilliant colour fastness and image durability
Choose from our 72 colour palette
Create mat designs and make changes by submitting your art files to our staff of designers
No Minimum order quantity

Easy Ordering Process


Email Design

Simply send us what  you require and quantity, along with a brief description / sketch / mock up of your design.


Check Artwork

You will receive a quote, including artwork generation, digital proofing and cost of delivery.


Produce Mat

Having approved the quote and placed your order, we will then create your artwork, send a digital proof for approval or revisions. There are no additional costa at this stage.


Fast Delivery

Upon approval of the digital proof, your order will go to production. Get ready for delivery!

Upload artwork

Photo Realistic Logo Mats

Ideal Placement

Grocery Stores
Ice Machines
Break Rooms
Coffee Stations

Features & Benefits

State-of-the-art printing process provides eye-catching clarity
Protects floor and carpeting
Prevents the spread of spills, promoting safety
100% Nitrile rubber backing for maximum durability
Certified 'High Traction' by the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI)
Available in smooth, gripper, or raptor backing

Clean Step Logo Scraper

Ideal Placement

Ideal for hard surface floors
Production areas
Break rooms
 Vending areas
 Water fountains
Ice machines

Features & Benefits

Protect your flooring by clearing dirt and moisture from shoes as it enters your building
Traps moisture and debris below walking surface
All-rubber construction for maximum durability
Textured backing keeps mat in place and helps reduce slips and falls
Can be recycled
Works great in combination with the Logo Mat

Matting & Floor Safety

From grating, service risers, and stair treads to an extensive variety of indoor and outdoor entrance mats and floor safety products, we offer versatile solutions tailored to your individual needs.

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Matting Product Directory

We are pleased to present our comprehensive selection of matting and GRP floor sfety products.

View the latest matting product directory

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The Benefits of Floor Mats


91% of shoppers select a store because of its appearance (Progressive Grocer)
When asked, "What's the first thing you look at when judging cleanliness?" the most popular first response of consumers was "Floors" (42%); "Smell" was the second (14%). (CDI Research 1991)


9 million disabling slips and falls with average USD£21,000/claim (National Safety Council)
Average cost to defend slip/fall lawsuit $50,000 (NFSI)
28% of workers miss 31 days or more from same-level slips, trips and falls (Bureau of Labor Statistics)


Without entrance matting, 1,500 people can remove 42% of the finish from a floor (3M)
80% of the dust, dirt and grime in in public building is "tracked in" from the outside (Institute of Industrial Laundries)
Studies show that 0.83m2 of commercial grade carpeting can accumulate 0.45kg of dirt over a one-week period and up to twice as much during inclement weather. (International Sanitary Supply Association)
The estimated cost of removing a single pound of dirt from a modern building today can exceed USD$500. (International Sanitary Supply Association)
It is estimated 90% of building maintenance cost is labour. (Cleaning Management)


39 billion kgs of dust settle over the U.S. each year. ("All the Real Dirt Dust", Discover Magazine)
About 10% of Americans are allergic to some component of dust. (Dr. Robert Pumbhrey, Washington D.C.)
The average six-room dwelling takes in 18kgs of dust in a year. A private home may have between 13,000,000 to 26,000,000 tiny bits of dust and particulate matter in every cubic cm of air. (TRSA Report "Dust Where We Work")
A major source of indoor air pollutants is street dust, carried in on shoes and captured in carpeting. ("The Indoor Clean Air Quality Challenge", Spray Technology Magazine)
American businesses are spending upwards of USD$100 billion a year as a result of lost worker productivity due to poor indoor air quality and "Sick Building Syndrome". (Consumer Federal of America)

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Logo & Message Mats

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