The Ultimate Guide to Stapling

Wondering which stapler suits your needs best? Dive into our guide for all the details.

Types of Staplers

Staplers serve a vital function in every workplace environment. Whether assembling crucial documents in an office, grouping coupons in a retail setting, or organising research materials at a university, a stapler is invariably close at hand, ready to streamline tasks with ease.

Full Strip Staplers:

These are your standard desktop staplers, capable of accommodating an entire strip of staples. With a capacity ranging from 20 to 50 sheets of 80gsm paper, they're perfect for daily office tasks and are designed to be used on flat surfaces.

Half Strip Staplers:

Similar to full strip staplers but smaller, these are great for lighter office duties. They hold half a strip of staples and can staple between 15 and 30 sheets of 80gsm paper, also designed for flat surfaces.

Mini Staplers:

Designed for light use, they fit easily into briefcases or pockets for on-the-go document organisation, stapling between 10 to 20 sheets of paper.

Long Arm Staplers:

Stapling larger documents? Long arm staplers are your friend. They can reach further from the edge, accommodating projects like folders, magazines, or scrapbooks.

Heavy Duty Staplers:

In high-volume office settings, heavy-duty staplers shine. With robust metal construction and extra-long arms, they staple between 100 to 250 sheets of 80gsm paper.

Electric Staplers:

Efficiency is key with electric staplers. They automate the stapling process, ideal for high-volume offices. Basic models handle up to 30 sheets, while heavy-duty versions can tackle up to 100 sheets.

Stapling Pliers & Tackers:

For moderate to heavy usage, stapling pliers are ideal. Perfect for mailrooms, they offer a secure fastening action for padded envelopes and packages.

Staple Guns:

Designed for various materials like fabric or posters, staple guns are handheld and easy to use, featuring a spring-loaded mechanism for effortless stapling.

Now, onto Staples:

Determining the right staples for your stapler can be quite a task. It's crucial to ensure you're using the correct staples to avoid jams, which often occur due to using the wrong staples or attempting to staple too many sheets.

Typically, staples are identified by two reference numbers, usually consistent across brands. The first set of digits, such as 24/## or 26/##, denotes the wire gauge or thickness, while the second number represents the length of the staple leg in millimeters. However, there are exceptions to this rule, as with many things in life.

Some staplers, especially heavy-duty models, can accommodate various staples to handle larger paper capacities.

The most common staple for office staplers is the 26/6, a standard 6mm staple. Most manufacturers offer a 26/6 staple, and if your stapler specifies it uses 26/6 staples, you can generally use any brand version without issue.

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Staple Cartridges

Staple cartridges might house staples of the same size, yet they sport an entirely distinct design. Primarily utilized for electric or specific heavy-duty staplers, this staple variety differs in form. Encased within a flat sheet, typically containing around 5000 staples, these staples are tightly rolled into a cartridge configuration.

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And finally, Staple Removers:

Staple removers are indispensable tools in any office or workspace, designed to efficiently and cleanly remove staples from documents without causing damage. These compact devices come in various designs, from simple pinch-style removers to more ergonomic models with comfortable grips. With their precision tips and sturdy construction, staple removers make the tedious task of removing staples quick and effortless. Whether you're streamlining paperwork, recycling materials, or making edits to documents, a staple remover is a must-have tool for any professional environment, ensuring smooth and efficient workflow while preserving the integrity of your papers.

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The ultimate guide to staplers

Wondering which stapler suits your needs best? Dive into our guide for all the details.

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