NHS Highland

Larch House & Assynt House

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Product Specified:

Gresham Mesa

Task Chairs:
Orangebox Do


Humanscale M8 Dual Monitor Arms
Gresham Rise Height Adjustable Desking

Power Provisions:
CMD Elite+ Under Desk Module
CMD Contour Desk Top Module
CMD Inca Module

Personal Storage:
Bisley Systemfile Locker Units

General Storage:
Bisley Systemfile 2 Door Cupboards

Meeting Rooms:

Gresham Moment Wooden Leg Tables
Gresham DK3 Tables
Gresham SJX Meeting Chair
Verco Flux Light Work Chair

Pods & Resource Areas:
Era Nautilus
Gresham Moment Wood Leg Table
Verco Flux Tables

Gresham LTD Tables
TC Ariel Wood Leg Chairs


NHS Highland commissioned Langstane Press Ltd (Aberdeen) as the key furniture supplier for the Office Redesign Project in Inverness in 2017. It comprised of two refurbished office buildings with an open plan layout. The overall engagement process with Langstane was dealt with professionally and by a dedicated team of staff. With a project approximately 4400sqm across 6 floors and two buildings, and working within the constraints of a working office we were able to deliver a tight programme within projected time-scale and budget. The diversified types of furniture provided by Langstane improved the working environment for NHS staff.
We are looking forward to working with Langstane Press Ltd in the future.

Project Manager, Zhen Ron Tan

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